Adios, Not Forever (Tarea 11)

Fashion huh? (Tarea 1) Life With and Without the Web (Tarea2) Irma Pasiva, Maria Agresiva (Tarea 3) Manteniendo Una Relación a Distancia (Tarea 4) Tarea 5 Y No Habia Luz (Tarea 6) Tarea 7 Tarea 8 Tarea 9 Juego de Códigos Jobs (Tarea 10) Adios, Not Forever (Tarea 11) El curso de INF 103 fue […]

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Jobs (Tarea 10)

This little video explains a brief history of computing and explains that we have a lot of people to thank for what has come of computing today, specifically for me and a lot of us iPhones. I will specifically talk today about the one and only founder or co-founder of Apple. Steve Jobs was born […]

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Ugly Cute Sandals

As of lately there ha been a ring trend, one which I am a part of, of people wearing ugly sandals that end up looking kind of cute. If that makes any sense? For example one brand of sandals that I talked in my earlier article about airport trends are Birkenstocks. Those sandals are ugly […]

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Lets Talk Shades

Yes shades. Sunglasses are a very popular fashion item whenever there is funny or hot weather. These serve two main purposes, they look good (obviously) and they, if they are actually good glasses, will protect your eyes against UV light. Sunglasses have different shapes and forms that can be adjusted to fit faces. For example […]

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Most of us at some point of our lifetime have owned or seen a pair of Converse. The famous show brand began their debut in 1908 as a basketball shoe company. They designed their shoes as athletic shoes and it was not until the second World War that they began to design more lifestyle targeting […]

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Fashion Trends At Airports

As f lately in my life I have been lucky enough to travel a bunch. Because of this I have been able ti spend a lot of time at airports. JKK, Orlando International Airport, Miami Airport, and the most prestigious LAX. Since I have a keen eye for clothes I took the time to write […]

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