Dresses “Worth” Wearing

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Whats the first thing that comes to mid when thinking about high fashion? Thats right ladies and gents, dresses. After the adjustments that Charles Worth made to dresses, they became very popular around women of all ages because they were comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. And oh have dresses gone far. From very short to long tails, from sheer to velvet, from covering to semi nude, and from oh to lala. In North America as of late;y the trend setting dresses are seen in the Met Gala, which I will be posting later on this week. Chat later loves.


Life With and Without the Web

My life with the web. I have always been very curious but also very lazy. Thankfully I was born in a century were I do not have to spend a lot of time in the library obtaining the information I need in order to answer my infinite questions or searches, like for example, “what came first the chicken or the egg?” Thanks to the web I just have to access my computer and type in whatever I am looking for and endless sources of information would appear on my screen in just seconds. Also a very important part of the web for me is communication, since all my life I have been living far from my family I need to communicate with the from  long distances and the web makes that a lot easier. On the other hand if the web did not exist yet it would be very hard for me to communicate with my mom and brothers, that are in California, from where I am, Puerto Rico. I would probably miss all of my brothers wrestling fights, their birthday live videos, my moms stories,  and her end of the day check list. Over all I would feel very lonely, because even though I would still have the mail I would be waiting for letters that may come late or get lost while traveling. But this is not the case I live in the 20th century and the web is king, so I do not feel lonely thanfully.


[Photo: letters by liz west]

Mr. Worth

Charles Frederick Worth my friends, lets all thank the fashion gods for this English man. Charles Worth is considered by historians to be the father of high fashion, since he opened one of the first successful fashion houses, called the House of Worth. Worth became very influential since his designs were sought by many of the upper class including such as Napoleon. Worth brought upon many fashion innovations like a garment change. He reinvented the crinoline, which was very uncomfortable for women since it was huge and made them almost immobile. Which was a huge success since now women could look fashionable without having to compromise comfort. Lastly he made dress walkable. By this i mean he shortened the length of the skirts to the ankle, which was at the time very controversial, but it was adapted fast since it was very convenient for women to finally have a dress worth walking in.   Get the punch? “Worth” walking in…

Vintage Victorian Fashion Plate No 2 - Ladies Magazine June 1866

[Photo: Vintage Victorian Fashion Plate No 2 – Ladies Magazine June 1866 by CharmaineZoe’s Marvelous Melange]

The Moment

Clothes as we know it today (cotton, silk, yarn), came predominantly from Japan and the Middle East. Thank god fro these places right? Years after these technologies were developed for clothe making people started to use clothes less for function and more for how they looked. Fashion. Clothes that we were that pleases our aesthetic. Notice that this is the first time I refer to these skins or materials as fashion and not only clothes… first of many, many, many.

10. entire_trousseau_of_many_a_bride_Metropolitan_Museum

[Photo: 10. entire_trousseau_of_many_a_bride_Metropolitan_Museum by Jim Surkamp]

Exclusively Humans

About 8.7 million species in our planet and only humans have had the initiative to cover their naked bodies. There is evidence that humans started wearing clothing about 170 millennia ago. Early humans used animal skins and vegetation to cover their bodies mostly from changing temperatures from when they started hunting and migrating, or even settling down villages in cold places. These clothes were very simplistic and very little about how they looked, but mostly about their function; which was keeping them from freezing. Later on clothing also started symbolizing marital statuses, class, religious power, war honors, and religious activities. Primitive clothes varied from just some skin covering certain parts of the body, to big furry “jackets”, and feathers that served some type of status recognition purpose. These were the first types of clothing found and noted in history. Note, reader, that this whole time I have referred to this skins covering bodies as clothes, because it was just clothes.


Grand Canyon_Native American Heritage Day_0298

[Photo: Grand Canyon_Native American Heritage Day_0298 by Grand Canyon National Park ]


Funny thing huh? How in a fashion blog my two first post are absolutely nothing about clothes. But do not worry we will get there, and most important we will stay there for a long while. Disregarding this lets talk about, firstly, bones. Why? Well because bones are the basic structures that hold our bodies solidly together. Bones also make our human bodies look beautiful. Perhaps lets talk about our pelvic bone, and how beautiful, this specific bone, makes low rise bikinis look. Lets then talk about the absence of these visible bones and the beauty this factor also brings. Specifically our buttock, how the absence of the bones that connect our hips to our legs brings attention to the certain part of the human body that is the “butt”. Another important aspect of our bones is that these are the hangers for the second layer, before clothes, our bodies wear.


[Photo: Hueso by Carol C. License CC.]

Skin. Skin, skin, skin… oh how beautiful does this aspect of us makes our nakedly imperfect bodies look. This my friends is the reason why we wear clothes. We want to hide this part of us from the outside world, sometimes because we want to wait for the right person, to make others comfortable, sometimes because we are insecure, and sometimes just simply because of temperature. Regardless of the reason our everyday fashion, for those of us who wear clothes, is based around covering some parts of our skin. And here it begins.

in the boxe

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My name is Kathia. A name given to me by my aunt because I reminded her of an angel. However I do not live up to that name. I am stormy. I have messy hair, messy clothes, trashed soul, and even messier heart. In an attempt to make my life a little less grimy I moved back to my homeland, Puerto Rico, and enrolled in the Universidad del Sagrado Corazon. Here I attempt to pacify with the chaos in my bones by becoming a journalist and finding my truth while writing the truth, if that makes any sense. I want to become a writer for a fashion magazine because in my life fashion is the only constant, I do not want to speak for the other 7.5 billion humans but I am almost sure than more than 80% of us do not go out to the streets naked, so most of you guys would agree with me. So this is basically why I am in this class, of Informatica 103, laying out the bones for the structure that is my writing.