Life With and Without the Web (Tarea 2)

My life with the web. I have always been very curious but also very lazy. Thankfully I was born in a century were I do not have to spend a lot of time in the library obtaining the information I need in order to answer my infinite questions or searches, like for example, “what came first the chicken or the egg?” Thanks to the web I just have to access my computer and type in whatever I am looking for and endless sources of information would appear on my screen in just seconds. Also a very important part of the web for me is communication, since all my life I have been living far from my family I need to communicate with the from  long distances and the web makes that a lot easier. On the other hand if the web did not exist yet it would be very hard for me to communicate with my mom and brothers, that are in California, from where I am, Puerto Rico. I would probably miss all of my brothers wrestling fights, their birthday live videos, my moms stories,  and her end of the day check list. Over all I would feel very lonely, because even though I would still have the mail I would be waiting for letters that may come late or get lost while traveling. But this is not the case I live in the 20th century and the web is king, so I do not feel lonely thanfully.


[Photo: letters by liz west]


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