Fashion Trends At Airports

As f lately in my life I have been lucky enough to travel a bunch. Because of this I have been able ti spend a lot of time at airports. JKK, Orlando International Airport, Miami Airport, and the most prestigious LAX. Since I have a keen eye for clothes I took the time to write this short article about the most common pieces of clothing people wear when traveling.

Me, myself, am wearing at . the moment some Birkenstocks with socks, some nike leggings, and a grey long sleeve shirt. No make up and a Swiss brand bag. I am sitting and the Orlando International airport and I notice that most girls are also wearing Birkenstocks which is by a lot the queen of shoes at the airport in my opinion.

Birkenstock Madrid sandal

[Photo:ย Birkenstock Madrid sandal by Melissa Lim]

Another very common clothing gadget are leggings along the gals. Because these are comfy for long flights also the look good and simple with just about any flight.

As a third most used clothing item in the airport are college shirts and jackets. From experience I know these are just very accesible and if like stained or damaged by anything at the airport it is not as sad as ruining a designer shirt so this is probably why so many people at the airport wear these gadgets even when its not spring break or winter break.


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