Lets Talk Shades

Yes shades. Sunglasses are a very popular fashion item whenever there is funny or hot weather. These serve two main purposes, they look good (obviously) and they, if they are actually good glasses, will protect your eyes against UV light. Sunglasses have different shapes and forms that can be adjusted to fit faces. For example a run face would look best in some squares frames while  really skinny and defined face structure would rock round glasses better. Glasses could usually range from prices within the one digit to very high digits like for example 2,0000 dollars PRADA glasses. Among the popular good quality theres Ray Ban, and here are some nice pictures of some “good to buy” pieces by them.

[Photo: By Elizabeth McClay]

These are one of the most classic Ray Ban models, Wayfarer, unisex like most of their glasses, and an easy to wear classic.



[Photo:Clubmaster by d_pham]

These type is my favorite model that the Ray Ban, the Club Master, are the glasses I wear on my daily basis and compared to the previous model it has a more serious vibe to it.


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