Jobs (Tarea 10)

This little video explains a brief history of computing and explains that we have a lot of people to thank for what has come of computing today, specifically for me and a lot of us iPhones. I will specifically talk today about the one and only founder or co-founder of Apple. Steve Jobs was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Jobs was part of a middle class family that sent him to Reed college after traveling to India to find himself. Jobs later studied at Stanford University where he learned a lot of the concepts that he used to crete Apple. Apple was created in a garage by Jobs and some of his colleges. They single handily invented one of the biggest and most powerful companies in the US, and started the generation of the micro computation. Jobs died years, 2011 to be exact, after his company became very successful of cancer. But his legacy lives on literally in all of us.

Steve Jobs

[Photo: Steve Jobs by Pommiebastards]


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