Ugly Cute Sandals

As of lately there ha been a ring trend, one which I am a part of, of people wearing ugly sandals that end up looking kind of cute. If that makes any sense? For example one brand of sandals that I talked in my earlier article about airport trends are Birkenstocks. Those sandals are ugly cute sandals. Why? because you would not see them and say “oh those are really cute” or “oh those sandals look fabulous”, Birkenstocks are the type of sandals that one sees and pictures with a certain outfit and vibe that would make them cute, but on their own they are pretty ugly (no offense I own 3 pairs).


[Photo: Birkenstocks byย work]
Another example of ugly cute sandals are Teva sandals. ย These are like more hiding sandals that now come in a lot of shapes, including platforms, which I am a huge fan of actually cursed two ย a few hours ago.

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