70s Fashion

As of lately, personally, I have been very interested in the fashion trends of more recent decades. To be Specific I have been obsessed with fashion trends of the 70s. This is because since I lived in California for such big part of my life I am kind of a hippie and the fashion trends […]

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Tarea 8

Youtube: Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions, Jolene https://youtu.be/wOwblaKmyVw Para mi este es el mejor “cover” de una canción en la mundo y la manera que Miley Cyrus la canta es muy emotiva, a pesar de la persona que Miley Cyrus se convirtió en los siguientes años este video pienso que capta el talento como cantante que […]

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Hair is Fashion?

Well, well, well… but isn’t hair a part of our body? The answer to this question is yes, indeed it is a part of our body but the ways we style it makes it a big factor of fashion an its trends. The way we style our hair can make or break an outfit, but […]

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Y No Había Luz (Tarea 6)

“Y No Habia Luz” es una obra independiente personalizada y escrita por ex-estudientes de la UPR. Estos estudiantes trabajan independientemente, lo cual significa que estos no tienen un sueldo fijo. Por ende estos actores trancan y dan su máximo en el escenario para que este de frutos. Estos hacen la obra en una forma que […]

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A Woman’s Second Best Friend

As we all know diamonds are ladies best friends but as a close second we have (drums roll)… shoes. Shoes come in all shapes, forms, and colors, and we can’t ever have enough. Legend says the more shoes a girl has the happier she is. And based on personal experience this is not far from […]

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